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Love is always Present, by Dennis Kahn

October 4, 2013


Love is always Present


Love is always present –


It always has been

and always will be.

It is free.

It has no boundaries.

Being always present, it is just

waiting to be called forth.

Knowing you are loved by All Love

is the beginning of awakening.

You cannot love another truly

until you can love yourself at depth.

Love is, at essence, All there really Is.

To be outside of Love is to be in illusion –

a false dream that has no Reality.

True Love, when allowed, shatters the dream.

All Love is your love –

you have only forgotten –

It never left.

It does not come and go

and it does not come from without.


Memorial Day 2011

May 30, 2011

It’s 10 AM in the morning Memorial Day 2011, and I just heard two military Air Force bombers fly over my house, which shook it to its foundation. The force and sound was incredible. I never heard that sound so close to me before, and I couldn’t help but feel how terrifying it must be in other countries, where that sound happens continuously on the daily basis. I couldn’t help but think what must be going through the minds and souls of people who have to live in fear of bombs bursting all around them. Tears welled up in my eyes as fear vibrated through my body, imagining what it would be like to live under those circumstances; never knowing from one day to the next when I may be bombed or maimed. Imagine how frightening it must be to a small child? Imagine if it was you and your child waiting for the next strike, what would you do?
What are we doing to each other and why? When will we all learn that Love is the answer and not the force of our will from our fears?

What are you waiting for?

January 21, 2011

There is a Native American saying: “We are the ones that we have been waiting for.”
When you stop to ponder those words, what comes into your heart?
For me, it’s saying that we have been waiting for our own personal “selves” to show up! If we were as connected to our own individual “voice and consciousness” of our own hearts as we are to our Internet, our world would come back into balance as quickly as it takes to send an email!
So many people are waiting for something, or someone to show or tell them how to make the changes that are necessary to shift our planet out of the downward spiral, that it appears to be in. Each of us has the answer and the power, literally within us, to make the changes necessary. There is no need to wait for someone else…it’s YOU that you have been waiting for!
The energy that will shift all of us is our reconnection to our own hearts! That is who we really are…We are our hearts!
Reconnecting back into the heart energy of each and every one of us becomes the collective heart energy of the “We.” We can’t attract the things we want to bring into our lives, until the energy and vibration within each of us, matches the vibration of what we are intending to attract! This is what I hear that message calling us to do! The individual heart energy of each of us becomes the collective heart energy of all of us!
We are the ones that we have been waiting for! As we each begin to waken to our individual heart energies, a larger and more complete shift begins. When we strip away all the material crutches that we have put our faith and energy into, there is nothing left but the pure heart energy of each of us. Without all our material distractions, that occupy most of our waking hours it will leave us with the opportunity to finally feel our lives through our hearts!
Change begins one person at a time and one heart at a time! We can do this, because “We are the ones we have been waiting for!” So what are you waiting for now?

Something Worth Sharing

March 18, 2010

that a point of view different from your own might

be well worth entertaining.

Sometimes it is not easy hearing an idea that is

different from the one you are advancing — yet it

might be that second idea for which you were actually

reaching for.

Answers arrive in more ways than one. Sometimes

they come through us, and sometimes they come

to us.


Reaching Out

March 17, 2010

There are many times in our lives that we could use the love and support of other people.  The question is, when you are faced with difficult challenges do you try do “figure them out” by yourself, or do you reach out to others? There are times when it serves us to handle an issue on our own, but what about those times when we feel like we’re stuck with no way out?

When we don’t reach out for assistance, which could be as simple as just investigating another viewpoint, we can find ourselves bogged down in our minds and unable to see the truth that would help us take supportive action toward a solution. When we are engaged within our minds thinking … thinking… thinking… we are not in touch with our hearts.  Being preoccupied with our thoughts cuts us off from the “voice and consciousness of our hearts”.  The answer to all of our questions lies within each of us, but if we’re unable to access that answer… what can we do?

Finding and experiencing love and support from the people in our life, during the times we feel stuck and immobile, gives our hearts a lift that allows us to discover and obtain feelings of connectedness to something greater. This feeling is an opportunity for us to now reconnect with our heart’s knowing, which is the center of our internal Universe of our Spirits.

Our hearts will always reveal the truth to us and our deepest knowing.  Being connected to our hearts will always lead us to the best and most supportive resolution for each of us. The next time you have a challenging issue reach out for a loving connection and it will reconnect you to you your greatest allies, your heart and inner Spirit.  Who knows… reaching out may just connect you more deeply to the person you reached out to!


Everyone knows the answers to their own questions, although sometimes they’re not aware of it, for it lies hidden.  Stuart Wilde